Over the years numerous studies on Aspalathin have been conducted locally and on international platforms. While many of these studies have shown positive results, it is important to note that current and ongoing studies have shown conclusive results using the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), Afriplex®GRT.

The focal point of developing Afriplex®GRT, was the potential health benefit for people managing the symptoms and effects of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, insulin resistance, cholesterol and obesity.


" positive influence on the regulation of cholesterol, blood glucose level..."


The work and research performed by the SAMRC indicates that Afriplex®GRT has a positive influence on the regulation of cholesterol, blood glucose level maintenance and insulin resistance. An additional advantage of using Afriplex®GRT is its ability to function as an immune booster.




rooibos grt fig 1Anti-diabetic and hypoglycaemic effects of Aspalathin-enriched rooibos extracts. Fig 1. Demonstrates inhibition activity of α-glucosidase by Aspalathin, as a mechanism to slow gastric glucose uptake and modulate post-prandial blood glucose levels.


rooibos grt fig 2

Fig 2. Aspalathin enriched green rooibos extract increase glucose uptake and utilization by muscle cells.


rooibos grt fig3

Fig 3. Aspalathin enriched green rooibos extract improves glucose tolerance in diabetic rats C.J.F. Muller et al. / Phytomedicine 20 (2012) 32– 39


rooibos grt fig4

rooibos grt fig 9

Aspalathin-enriched rooibos extracts ameliorates experimentally-induced insulin resistance by improving glucose uptake (Fig 4), and fatty acid utilization (Fig 5) in muscle cells. Mechanistically, the aspalathin enriched green rooibos extract activates and alters the expression of several important biochemical signaling proteins such as AMPK (Fig 6), Malonyl CoA (Fig 7) and CPT1 (Fig 8) as is summarized in the schematic (Fig 9). Mazibuko et al., 2013


Studies on mice


Kamakura and Muller et al (2012) both show the Afriplex®GRT to have hypoglycaemic potential. Its glucose lowering effect found was comparable to metformin (a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes) over a six hour after administration to SSTX-induced diabetic rats.

studies on mice


Studies on Non-human primates


In preparation for human studies, safety studies have been conducted in normal and metabolically compromised Vervet monkeys. These monkeys were treated with Afriplex®GRT extract. Findings show that Afriplex®GRT improves glucose tolerance in metabolically-compromised monkeys. Further testing to identify oxidative damage to cholesterol control indicate that Afriplex®GRT also contributes to the lipid balance, correcting the cholesterol control and reducing the chances of resulting cardiac conditions.

studies on humans grt


Human study


A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study will include obese men and women. They will receive the Afriplex®GRT, undergo physiological testing prior to and at the completion of the 16week intervention. Body composition, glucose and lipid metabolism, blood pressure, liver tests, blood profiles and fat regulating hormones will be regulated. In addition, the focus will fall on markers of oxidative stress. This study is planned to start in April 2018 and results to be available within 18 months.

studies on humans grt 1